Male Extra | Male enhancement Pills Dosage, Ingredients & Where to Buy

Sexual satisfaction of your partner is one of the most accomplished feelings one can have in their bedroom or elsewhere involving sexual activities. It is very important to keep the spark maintained in one’s sex life as it is the key to a happy and healthy relationship.

Some men fail to achieve satisfactory responses from their partners due to some stamina or size issues. They don’t have to worry about it anymore as the best supplement to help them in being the ultimate king of their sexual activities and to feel empowered is here. It is male extra, a product that will be your topmost choice once you start using it. Trust me on that!

What is Male Extra?

So what exactly is this pill? It is a penis enhancement pill that helps to elongate and strengthen men’s most precious tool. It increases male potency and one’s ability to perform in the field.

There are millions of supplements in the market and by now you all must be aware of how they work but male extra is different, how you might ask? It is more effective due to its new and natural formula.

The best part about this formula is that there are no side effects to this magic pill only splendid results are obtained, isn’t that like a dream? This supplement is useful for men of every age group who are aiming to achieve 100 percent of their potential.


These pills not only increase the size of your penis but improves your stamina as well. This will help you last longer in your sexual activities along with it this will also provide more satisfying orgasms and climax.

These enhancement supplements will make you the ultimate dominator in your pleasure rides making your partner extremely satisfied and completely relaxed.

What’s in the Pill (Ingredients) :

It is an essential ingredient that controls premature ejaculation by lowering histamine concentrations. This deals with the most common problems in males and can lead to some inferiority complex or sometimes performance fear. Many females tend to complain about not having a climax together which is very important for both partners and their sexual satisfaction.

This particular phenolic acid rises the production of nitric oxide in your body, enhancing the blood flow in your penis. By enhanced blood flow in your body, you feel more charged and energized hence giving out your best performance, this increases stamina, provides better erection, gives your partner that rock hard satisfaction and make them crave for more. So what could be better than that?

This is an amino acid specifically added to improve the levels of nitric oxide in your body. This double dose of nitric oxide is what one needs for that everlasting satisfactory effect. Increased levels of blood flow provide long-lasting erections and strong ejaculations along with improved stamina. With all this extra energy jumping inside your body you’ll be able to satisfy your partner and this might leave them moaning your name even in their dreams.

It acts as a supporting role in the release of our star hormone testosterone, the release of this hormone causes an erection and it also acts as a stamina enhancer. This hormone is responsible for all those mischievous activities of your penis. It makes it erect and can also cause its early relaxation, leading to disappointing sex. So this ingredient makes sure you never disappoint anyone.

Zinc oxide
Another amazing all-natural ingredient that is added in this one gem of a product is zinc oxide. This helps in improving the quality of your sperm and its motility is also heightened.

These elements have been precisely selected for their capability to raise your body’s nitric oxide construction. Nitric oxide provides blood flow to your penis, it provides better blood flow all across the body providing you with the required amount of energy for a longer period. Increased blood flow is directly related to increased stamina that will last you the whole time.

Male extra is the first male enhancement invention to use pomegranate in their supplements, this is the only product with perfect amount and dosage of nitric oxide that will help you achieve more than your expectations.

All of the products used in it are natural and highly effective for enhancement in the structure of your penis, it might give you the finished look of a porn star. Vitamin e is also present in its constituents and it can help people who want to improve their sex drive as many of them complain about not having enough sexual attention.

How Male Extra Helps You?

    • It makes your sexual life fantasies come true.
    • Heavy and satisfying ejaculations can be obtained
    • It improves the size of your penis providing your partner a better experience.
    • It provides you with the confidence of going out and performs.
    • It enhances sexual pleasure for both partners.
    • It gives you control over your ejaculations and climax.
    • It provides you with improved erections.
    • It will increase your potential and stamina.
    • It makes your climax last longer.
    • Increase semen production.
    • Experience lengthier orgasms.
    • Improves your sex drive.
    • Gives your penis a polished and attractive finish.

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How Male Extra Works?

With its power-packed ingredients, male extra boosts the amount of nitric oxide in your blood levels, this is extremely important in enhancing your blood flow. Increased blood flow adds stamina, boosts potential, provides higher energy levels and libido production.

Other ingredients are also specifically added to target every minor and major issue that can occur in one’s sex life. This helps in improving sexual attention and gives your penis a makeover that will be highly appreciated by your partner. People who have the fear of not performing well on their first time can take this supplement to surprise their partner and themselves.

This pill will increase your confidence, boost your stamina, enhance your ejaculations and provide you some control over your erections. This product can make you the magician of your sex life. All and all providing you and your partner a heavenly experience for as long as you want it to last.

Male Extra Dosage

The recommended dose is 3 pills per day afterward each of your meals. It won’t work like a magic wand or a wishing well in just one night or few nights, it will start showing results after using this properly for a good one month, but you will notice the initial signs of enhancement in the first few weeks only. To achieve its full potency one must use it for 3 months for everlasting pleasure and fulfillment of one’s sexual desires.

Consistency is really important in taking these supplements as it will only give effective results if used with consistency and regularity. We do not advise you to take more than 3 pills in a day, you have to be patient with this enhancement pill as it is all-natural.


Results and Side Effects

It’ll be a total waste of time, money and research if our product wouldn’t be capable of doing what it claims to do, so first and foremost let us assure you that our product will provide you with some outstanding results.

It is important to understand that pills and supplements work depending on the body structure and health of the consumer. It takes some time and by using proper dosage you can attain desired results. We can assure you that our product is a hundred percent natural and will help you to perform better.

Blood circulating supplements should be taken after proper prescription so that they do not clash with your other health matters, we suggest you consult with your doctor before taking them if you have any medical issues.

As far as side effects are concerned, our products are all-natural and have zero side effects. The above-mentioned ingredients and their effects show the mechanism of this product which seems pretty harmless. Our supplement has only one effect and that will be visible under those sheets.


Pros and cons:

Most of this product are pros as it is all-natural and is considered to work efficiently. Brings out the wilderness inside you making your experience steamy and erotic in all possible ways.
Whereas for cons I think they should increase the quantity per bottle for more convenience.


If you take our opinion this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your partner is going to thank you for taking these supplements you are going to feel the difference and empowerment in your personality. This is the FDA approved product hence its safe and easy to use. Male Extra is an all-natural product that requires no harmful chemicals to perform or deliver its promised results.

The best part about this supplement you may ask? Apart from this being all-natural and 100 percent effective, it is very affordable as well. Its low price makes it easy for everyone from each class or status to access this magic pill, providing ultimate pleasure and satisfaction for all.

This is a completely natural way to enhance your erections and prolonged ejaculations that leads to some of the best nights of your life. Increased size and higher stamina with these pills can make you the boss of your steamy nights and romantic mornings as well.

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What are the Prices?

One bottle costs 0.72 dollars per pill making it 64.95 dollars/bottle. It includes 90 pills, which will last you a whole month.
Three Plus One Bottles & FREE Pro-Erection Gel: Cost per pill drops to $0.54.
Four Plus Two Bottles & FREE Pro-Erection Gel: Cost per pill ends up being a good $0.46.

If you are still in doubt that this supplement might not work for you then you need to relax because I have a piece of good news for you. They are offering it with a money-back guarantee. Isn’t that amazing? This is how confident they are on their product.

Male Extra Reviews:

Let’s shed some light on customers’ actual testimonials, providing you the proof that these enhancement pills will do wonders for you under those sheets.

Male extra lives up to its name. This invention has enhanced my sex drive and erections are a lot stronger, harder and last much longer!

I got results in a short period I was not expecting it this soon. I am going to continue its usage and so far have not seen any side effects. I am glad to find a product that is all-natural and is effective.

I got these a few weeks ago and have been using them since. This product is amazing. It has given me a new form of confidence that I had lost a couple of years ago. These enhancement supplements help you in your time of need and make the whole experience free of worries and extremely satisfying. Recommend it for sure!


I feel more blood flow throughout my whole body. I am much more energized in the morning. I am happy with my results and will continue taking this supplement for satisfactory purposes.

User 14
I am really happy with these enhancement supplements I have noticed the difference in my size just after using it for a few weeks.

I have ordered this product for my boyfriend he had issues of premature ejaculations, after using this for a few weeks I can see a visible difference and both of us are satisfied with the results. Will recommend this to all.

Gym guy-
I never really used this item for size because I don’t have any difficulties in that area but what I love about the product is the liveliness and stamina that it gives whether in bed or the gym it’s like I transform into a superhuman and I can keep going and going. I guarantee you that your wife/GF will be craving for more but will be filled with satisfaction after sex.

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